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Larry Swan is a highly skilled Senior Operations Executive with 40 years of experience in multiple domains.  He can temporarily join your organization to help you resolve issues requiring immediate attention.
  • Interim executive leadership
  • On-site leadership during an acquisition
  • Strategic or major project formulation and execution
  • Business and organizational consultation
Larry can provide a wide range of perspectives and insights, as well as a clear vision to confidently accomplish your goals. 

“The best conductors are the best listeners. They become a lightening rod of listening; a focus so that the players and the conductor can become something bigger than all of them – than all of us – at the same time as feeling fully realized as individuals.” – Tom Service, author of Music as Alchemy: Journeys with Great Conductors and their Orchestras




Most of us think of conductors as great leaders. While this is true, they must also be great listeners. I have the abilty to understand people, to see their potential, what is possible as a team, and bring that vision to life.


My passion is people centric, to strive beyond problem solving, to create environments in which individuals and organizations truly thrive.




I often enter situations where people feel stuck. I have found that bringing an objective and experienced point of view into the mix is invaluable.


In this way I can ...




With a degree from one of the top engineering universities, a professional engineering license, patents, and an MBA in both Marketing and Operations Management, I am able to relate with technical, manufacturing and supply chain people, while bridging with other business functions.  This unique ability to understand and operate in technical and nontechnical domains translates...






I will work with your organization as CEO, COO, VP, Senior Engineering or Operations Executive to fill a temporary vacancy, provide on-site leadership during an acquisition, execute a major project, ......


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