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I often enter situations where people feel stuck. I have found bringing an objective and experienced point of view into the mix is invaluable.


In this way I can:

• Evaluate current situations

• Quickly identify problems

• See patterns, gaps, and constraints others may miss

• Visualize what is possible beyond traditional thinking

• Find creative yet sound solutions to reach goals

• Lead tactical and strategic actions to success

• Utilize lean techniques and business metrics to measure success


I can help you:

• Understand what is needed to develop an organization’s vision

• Identify strengths and define essential qualities needed in team members

• Motivate and engage those involved

• Identify and recruit talent

• Coach individuals to develop beyond what they could imagine for themselves




“Creativity in all forms of life, from arts to business to domestic situations, depends on our ability to recognize and explore gaps”     ― Itay Talgam

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